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Walking Away to Move Forward

Walking away from Corporate America in 2018, I really did not know my future. I did know that I was now 100% in charge of my professional career.

My entrepreneur journey has been an evolution. It feels like I have evolved every 2 years. And here I am at Year 4 and something is a brewing.

When I started my focus was recruitment segmentation. At one of my client's I was called their "maternity recruiter". By going back to my roots, I was able to have a successful first year in business.

But did I start a business, just to be a recruiter?

In 2019, I got a gig to hire 7 salespeople around the country for a manufacturing company. I thought this would be a solid 2-3 months of work. It is now 2022, I have hired over 100 people for this amazing organization. At certain times, I believe people thought I worked their full time. This company took me in, made feel like I a team player and gave me a solid 3 1/2 years of work. It was a great experience and I met some brilliant people in the US, Canada, Mexico and Chile.

Again, the question is did I start my business to be a recruiter?

Through my time with this client, I realized that I wanted to do more than recruit. I wanted to help my clients learn to fish vs. me fish for them. So my business started its first evolution. In 2020, I decided to walk away from recruiting and focus on helping organizations with their hiring process. I was slowly getting myself out of recruiting and into consulting.

With this transition, I was able to help organizations with finding the right recruiting technology, create their hiring blueprint and re-build selection processes. I enjoyed going into businesses, learning about them and helping them create the best hiring experience for them and candidates.

But I realized my passion is in HR & Talent. Actually, my passion is helping others become amazing HR & Talent professionals. I love mentoring, coaching and training individuals in my trade - HR and Talent.

So here I am, walking away again. I am walking away from a client who I love and respect. I am walking away from consulting and helping businesses create better hiring process.

And walking towards being the guide, the coach, the mentor to HR and Talent professionals who long to be great at their job.

I am excited to announce By Design Brainery, where we help professionals with innovative problem-solving skills to solve HR and Hiring Challenges.

This is a online academy plus coaching services for HR & Talent professionals who want to learn a new way to solve problems with design thinking.

The Brainery will provide training on design thinking plus HR and Talent acumen. There will be certifications and SHRM Credits provided.

And it will not be just me! The faculty will have HR and Talent Experts who will provide their expertise to the students.

The first course is Hire By Design. It launches on January 30th. The Hire by Design course gives you the ability to create a talent strategy, hiring process and recruiting experience that works well for the business, management, HR as well as candidates. By using the design thinking methodology to solve hiring challenges, your solutions will work for everyone involved in the hiring process.

By walking towards By Design Brainery, I will be re-branding my LinkedIn Business from Lean Effective Talent Strategies to By Design Brainery.

Thank you to everyone who has supported, cheered, worked and loved me through my entrepreneur journey. It is because of you that I love what I do. Excited for what the future will bring.