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Research & Candidate Persona

When I get a new job req, I never start recruiting immediately. My recruiting plan includes research and building a candidate persona before I even pick up the phone to connect with a candidate. This can be hard to do when you want to find a candidate immediately.

Why should you research and build a candidate persona?

As a Recruiter, I know that the time, energy and effort that goes into finding just one qualified candidate can be a lot (especially today!). I want to be super focus on finding quality vs. quality. And I want to be prepared with all the information I need about the role, department and company before I talk to a candidate. These are the reasons why I start with Research and Candidate Persona.


Here are the steps I complete when I receive a New Req. The first 4 steps should take about an hour. The Candidate Persona will take about 30 minutes. And sourcing can take as long as it takes!

New Job Order Steps for Success

Candidate Persona

The Candidate Persona is a 3-in-1 Sourcing Tool where you can understand your ideal candidate with motivators and background/experience/skills, obtain sourcing strings with Job Titles, Companies, Education/Certifications and Experience/Skills and create sourcing strategies through know where to look for the candidate and how to engage the candidate.

Candidate Persona Template

Recruiting is not an easy position. It takes a lot of time, energy and effort plus being curious. If you research and create a candidate persona, this will help ensure that the time, energy and effort you put in is worth it.

Want a Candidate Persona Template? I know you do! Get a free template on my website.

Happy Recruiting!