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Hire By Design Course

The Hire by Design course gives you the ability to create a talent strategy, hiring process and recruiting experience that works well for the business, management, HR as well as candidates. By using the design thinking methodology to solve hiring challenges, your solutions will work for everyone involved in the hiring process.

Course Details:

  • Format: Virtual Cohort Course (max 15 participants)
  • Start Date: April 17, 2023
  • Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Time: 2 Hours/Week
  • Price: $997 Introductory Rate $697!

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate your understanding of the steps of the Design Thinking Methodology
  • Implement Design Thinking to solve hiring challenges
  • Articulate the confidence to find the solutions to any of your hiring challenges

Completion of Course:

  • 12 SHRM Credits

Hire By Design Syllabus:

Module 1. Introduction to Design Thinking

Learn the Steps to Design Thinking

How Can Design Thinking Provide Creative Solutions in Hiring

Module  2. Creating a Challenge Statement

What is a Challenge Statement

How to Create a Challenge Statement

Pick a Challenge Statement to use throughout the Course

Module  3. Understand Your Audience with Empathy

Audience Persona

Immersion in Empathy

Observation: What, Why, How and Who

Interview: What, Why, How and Who

Module 4. Gathering Insights

How to Gather and Organize Insights

How to Select Insights for Ideation

Module 5. Ideation and Prototype

Learn How to Ideate

Create a Prototype from Ideation

Module 6: Finalize Your Solution


Selecting Your Solution and Pitching

Module 7: Evolution of the Solution

Continuous Iteration & Improvement

What do you do after the course?

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Instructor : Jodi Brandstetter
Untitled design (1)-1
Duration : 6 Weeks
Untitled design (2)-4
Modules : 7
Untitled design (3)-2
Course level : Intermediate
Untitled design (4)-2
Language : English
Untitled design (5)-1
Dates: 1/30/23 & 7/10/2023